Saturday, March 10, 2012

Hawaiian French Toast

If you've been missing me on the blog lately, it's because I've been keeping very busy with my life- doing Cheer, Tennis, Student Government, and a billion and one school projects. I've been just trying to work hard at school and get ready for Spring Break, which starts TODAY!!!!

So what more perfect way to kick off Spring Break than with a French Toast Breakfast?  Today we made french toast- with a twist! Instead of using normal white bread or french bread, we used...drumroll please.... HAWAIIAN BREAD!!!

I love Hawaiian bread. Always have always will. When you use Hawaiian bread in your classsic french toast recipe- however you make it- it will turn out richer, sweeter, and just YUMMIER!!!

To make it even more tropical, we added a dash of CREAM of COCONUT to the egg batter. 

We used a round of King's Hawaiian Sweet Round Bread for our Hawaiian French Toast

Remove it from the tin

Slice it all up into long slabs

Our French Toast batter was 6 eggs, a bit of half and half, a dash of vanilla and a squirt of cream of coconut...
Add a good sprinkling of cinnamon and whisk it up
Dip the slices in the egg batter to lightly coat, but don't let it sit too long or it will soak up the whole bowl! Meanwhile, melt a Tbs. butter in a frying pan over medium heat.

Fry until golden.  Watch closely because it can get dark quickly.

Once done, top as you normally would.  We used our standard butter and syrup.  We also topped some with coconut shreds, which was yummy too.
MOM'S NOTE: Using the Hawaiian Bread was a great alternative to using regular bread.  I think because Hawaiian bread has a higher sugar content, it browns quicker than typical (this is was happened in our case anyway).  And it will definitely soak up a lot of egg mix, so be aware of that.  Otherwise, this turned out to be delicious, and something we will make a lot in the future.

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  1. Hawaii!! Take me away!! As we prepare for what they are calling "the storm of the season" (that means it might rain over an inch!) I could do with a plate of this. Liv would love it too! Well done, Bella!


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