Monday, November 7, 2011

Flavored Milk Week of Action, November 7-11

As a food blogger, there are many inspirational people that I look up to. Jamie Oliver is one of them. On his show Jamie Oliver's Food Revolution, Jamie goes to schools and tries to make their menus healthier.
For some time, he's been trying to convince schools to stop offering flavored milk to students for lunch.  Of course, many kids would prefer to drink strawberry or chocolate milk over plain, because, as kids, we LOVE sweet stuff!  But, as is pointed out on Jamie's show, flavored milk has so much added sugar that nutritionally,  it should be considered a desssert!  In a country where childhood obesity is such a serious problem, this is not good.

 It is a fact that one 8-oz carton of flavored milk has about 7 whole teaspoons of sugar. That is 4tsp of added sugar plus 3tsp of milk's natural sugar, lactose. If a child drinks flavored milk everyday for breakfast and lunch over a 180-day school year, it accumulates to drinking an extra 8lbs of extra sugar, and at least 14,400 calories!! 
One 8-oz carton of plain milk has an average of 3tsp natural sugar (lactose)

One 8-oz. carton of flavored milk has an additional 4tsp of sugar, totaling 7tsp sugar 

I haven't had flavored milk at school for the last 2 school years and only drink white milk ever since I watched him talk about it, and I don't miss the flavored milk at all.

So, friends, this is my challenge to you: If you are a kid, try going this whole week without any flavored milk at school--drink plain milk.  If you're a parent, please encourage your kids to only drink plain milk at school this week, and if you'd like to support this cause further, please go to Jamie Oliver's website for more ideas on eliminating flavored milk offerings at school.

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